Meet Jordan

Jordan grew up in Lanexa, Virginia where her parents instilled in her a strong work ethic and common sense values. She graduated from New Kent High School and went on to VCU working the whole time while earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree. She is currently paying her way through her PhD at Liberty University.

Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, Jordan began her career of public service, working for the Senate of Virginia supporting constituents in and around Hanover and New Kent for over a decade. She is married to her husband Devin Riley who serves in our military and Jordan is proud to now work for the Commonwealth of Virginia helping veterans get the resources they need and supporting the Commonwealth’s defense affairs team.

Jordan is dedicated to New Kent County where she grew up.  She will be the voice of voters in District 5; having the backs of small businesses, ensuring parents are leading voices in their children’s education, supporting our Sheriff’s deputies and shepherding responsible growth and development that maintains New Kent’s values and beauty.